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Hotel Gili Air & Restaurant

Diar Friends,

Wednesday, 5th of August, 2015, a group of people who are not the Board of Directors of PT. GUSUNG DUTA TAMISA, not the people who are chosen by the Board of Directors, and not the employees who work at HOTEL GILI AIR, came and controlled HOTEL GILI AIR and by using violence they did not allow CARRUS ROBERTO as General Manager to enter HOTEL GILI AIR.

You can see a short video.

That for the above action of violence, CARRUS ROBERTO suffered from bruises on parts of his body and no longer has an access to enter and manage HOTEL GILI AIR; and for the above action of violence CARRUS ROBERTO has filed the report to the West Nusa Tenggara Police Office (POLDA NTB) with a letter of acceptance report No: TBL/167/VII/2015/NTB/SPKT dates 15TH OF AUGUST 2015.

That for the above report the POLDA NTB police investigators have seen the complainant, done vise, seen witnesses and have received a video recording of the event.

That up to this time the perpetrators and or others who are not the board of company’s directors and nor the employees still control and manage HOTEL GILI AIR, so that the President Director, NI LUH SUARNI as Director and CARRUS ROBERTO as Hotel General Manager and other employees cannot enter and manage HOTEL GILI AIR.

Besides the acts of violence they have done to ROBERTO as the General Manager, under the criminal law, it can be suspected that they have committed the crime of annexation as stipulated in Article 167 of the Criminal Code and the crime of embezzlement as stipulated in Article 372 of the Criminal Code by taking hotel’s income as long as they control and manage the hotel.

For all of the above, at the moment Hotel Gili Air is not “Under New Management”, but just under some people who are under Police investigation for criminal acts.

The President/Director, the Director and the General Manager are following all the ways under law for to come back in Hotel Gili Air as soon as possible, following also the Police’s indications.

For any information about that, please contact the General Manager Mr. Roberto Carrus 0812 37304200.

Thank you so much for your patience.